Luxe Home Interiors Waterford

Is It Time to ReFresh, ReMix, or ReImagine?

Figuring out how to change up your design style can be tough, but we’re here to help!

Are you feeling uncertain, dissatisfied, dull, or uninspired about the spaces where you are spending most of your time? We are seeing things in our homes that we had neglected when we used to leave for school drop off or pickleball in the morning and come home near dark. Right now we aren’t leaving our homes. Are you ready for a ReFresh, a ReMix or a ReImagine? Which one are you?


Are you a tired of looking at the same things in your home? Are you bored with the same rooms every day? You need a ReFresh! The building block of your home, furniture is where you need to update your living space.


Do you have the little black dress of furniture but are ready to change it up? You need a ReMix! Décor is the jewelry that completes the outfit, check out fresh new accessories, lights, art and more..


Are you excited about moving forward and leaving everything behind? You need to ReImagine! Beautiful new designs await you; as well as plans for a fresh new adventure in living spaces.

The Designers at Luxe know the questions to ask and are ready to listen. Come in today and we can help you create the space you are imagining from start to finish.