Love Your

You’re able to see, feel, touch and experience your furniture because you shop in our local store.

Love Your Journey

Our inhouse team of interior designers guide you to make the best decisions for your coastal home.

Have Peace of Mind

You’re certain to make the right choices and save time, money and frustration.

Much more than a furniture store
for much less than hiring a designer

The Luxe


You want a beautiful, welcoming home here on the coast, but you’re challenged with an open floor plan design and don’t know where to turn to put the puzzle pieces together. That’s why we created Luxe Home Interiors. We provide the best of both worlds – a store you can walk into – sit on the sofas and chairs, open the drawers, feel the fabrics, see the colors & patterns while also receiving the extra guidance of in-house interior designers who work with people like you every day.

Avoid the
Cost of a

Actually See, Feel and Touch Your Choices

Have a Trusted Ally Along the Way

brings you joy, you stay on budget and your experience is above and beyond your expectations!

Great design

is a good investment

A well-designed home impacts your life every day. Our homes are our refuge and our sanctuary. They are a place to gather with family and friends and be communal. They are a place to relax and recharge and take respite form the day. They are a place to dream up new adventures and reminisce about the past. We want our homes to be everything we need in one place. The designers at Luxe are here to make sure that your home is everything you want it to be.



Why be limited by a designer who only carries a few lines to select from? Don’t you want the opportunity to feel confident with all of your options? We know you do, that’s why Luxe Home Interiors has designers on staff and a full store where you can sit on the sofas and chairs, open the drawers, feel the fabrics, see the colors & patterns. You’ll have an experienced and trusted ally to help guide you through making just the right decisions for you and your home.



Determine the ideal elements for your space from brands we are proud to cooperate with.


The entire team was helpful from start to finish. The completed work was beyond my expectations. I never thought my home would be so beautiful!!

Seburn Bass

Luxe Home Interiors did an amazing job helping me and my wife replan some rooms in our home. Real, authentic people focused on what we were looking for and getting us the best value!

Justin Queen

I walked in a few weeks ago after a friend recommended Luxe & met Emily for the first time. She's awesome! I love her ideas and suggestions. Looking forward to her continued help as we furnish our new home. Thx Emily!

Cheryl Mattiace

We turned to Luxe Home Interiors based on a recommendation from a neighbor after we shared our experience with a local furniture store. Although the experience at the furniture store was "okay", we were looking for more.

Dennis McDavid

I have been going to Luxe, ever since I moved to NC five years ago. They have beautiful furniture, as well as accessories and their team of professional designers are always incredibly helpful and will work with you until you are totally satisfied.

Diana Skall

Luxe always carries a beautiful collection of pieces, something for everyone's home, fantastic design team, all staff friendly and knowledgeable, the best, I can't say enough!

Caroline Isenogle

Luxe Waterford is more than a furniture store. They take the time to understand what you need and want and can afford. They go above and beyond with customer service - accommodating your tastes, your lifestyles and most importantly wanting you to be happy with every purchase.

Patty Coffey Spear

Love Your Home | Love Your Journey | Have Peace of Mind

Why take the chance of making the costly mistake of buying things that don’t work in your room? If you buy from a big box store (fast furniture store) you come home with a box full of furniture that you get to put together and you have to move around your home to see where it will fit. We get your frustration.

That’s why our knowledgeable designers make floor plans for you and find out how you want to use your space and when we deliver you are confident in all the choices you made.