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Getting Personal; Creating Your Own Room

At Luxe we see personal design decisions being made every day. What are the best decisions for you? We have years of experience and want to share some of our sage advice along with a few tips and tricks to make you a savvy homeowner.

Let’s talk about the room that is most used and has become the most complicated to design – the living room. The role of this space has evolved remarkably over the past several years. It was the room that was more formal and only used on special occasions. Now, we use our “living” room truly for living. We expect the room to do everything for us; keep us cozy and comfortable, be welcoming to our guests, all while representing our own distinct style and taste.

Luxe’s List of Important Things to Remember

  • Start with a wish list and think about the kind of experience you want to create.
  • Think about who uses it and how the space is used.
  • Use Expert Advice.
  • Use beautiful and durable fabrics. It’s something you’ll touch and use multiple times a day.
  • Choose your upholstery pieces wisely. They will be the hardest-working elements in the room.
  • Use a mix of natural materials, wood finishes, metals, and woven textures.
  • Don’t forget a great rug to anchor the space.
  • Create a welcoming space for family and friends.

The first thing that I ask people when considering their living room is who is using it and how do you envision using the space. Do you have a large group of people you need to seat most of the time or are there just two of you that need to be comfortable? Are you an avid reader, Netflix binge watcher, or a consummate entertainer? Consider your lifestyle and what will provide you with the most enjoyment.

The pieces of furniture you select should reflect how you answered the questions about lifestyle. These are the pieces that will be the work horses of your home. If you read in a chair it should be a chair that fits you and allows your arms to be where and how you want. If you lounge on a sofa it should be a sofa that allows you to curl up in just the right way and have the softness that you prefer. These pieces need to be the best quality in the room. The optional seating can be more budget friendly.

Another big decision for your space is the rug. It needs to be large enough, large enough to define the space. If your rug is too small your space will shrink. A good place to start is with all of the upholstery pieces in the conversation area sitting on the rug, or at least with the front legs on the rug. These few simple suggestions will start your living room with a strong foundation. The ease of a well-designed space begins with good building blocks. We are full of solutions from the most straight forward room to a space that seems impossible.

At Luxe we are full of solutions from the most straight forward room to a space that seems impossible. Whether you are full of ideas or have drawn a blank, we know the right questions to ask and are ready to listen to you. Come in today and we can help you create the space you are imagining from start to finish.